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The Security and Investigation team

In  Gabinete de Investigación y Criminología  we possess professional competence and extensive experience in different disciplines.

The process of constant change coming experiencing different activities and business sectors has given us a vision of wholeness necessary to carry out a correct approach to the problems presented by our client.

To develop our research we rely on four general principles:

The rigorous planning of all our investigations.
Constant customer on the development and status of the investigation.
The efficiency is achieved thanks to the legal approach that is given to information; that is, what evidence is required to prove appreciates a fact in future proceedings before courts.
Strict confidentiality, both of the confidences of our customers and the information obtained.

Our message of future is reflected in a compromise:

The constant adaptation to the problems of business and personal environment.

Our attitude of commitment supports us to compete successfully in a constantly changing market and resolve the conflicts generated and are subject to private research, improving productivity and profitability.

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